AGM – New Committee Members


Dear Ramblers,


Advanced Notice of A.G.M. and Request for New Committee Members.


At the request of the current committee I am writing to give you advanced notice that our A.G.M. will be held on Monday 11th February 2019 at St. Leonard’s centre.

Those of you who were at the last A.G.M. may remember that our current Chairperson, Jonathan Rouse gave notice that he will be standing down from the role of Chairperson after having served in this capacity for five years.  We will therefore be looking for a new chairperson next year and so I am writing to ask you all to consider putting your name forward.  The position is not an onerous one.  It simply needs someone willing to chair our small committee who hold meetings three or four times a year in committee member’s houses.  Meetings usually take between one and two hours and the business is very straightforward. As a committee we also have a BBQ after our August meeting which is a great social occasion when spouses are also invited.

It would also be much appreciated if we could have some more members willing to be on the committee. The future of Oakley Ramblers Club very much depends on its members being willing to take a small part in its organisation.  So please give this some serious consideration and let me or one of the committee know if you are prepared to stand in either capacity.


We look forward to hearing from lots of volunteers!


Chris Williams

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