Avon Valley Walk

Unfortunately the walk planned for 31st May which was next section of the Avon Valley Path (Fordingbridge to Ringwood), did not go ahead due to lack of support. (only two people plus the leader turned up).

In the diary we planned to do the last section of the walk from Ringwood to Christchurch on 8th May (staying locally the night before in order to get an early start).

However as the previous section is still outstanding and the next section involves a bit more planning for the overnight stay and group dinner we want to get confirmation of the level of interest from ORC members.

Please can you email Jonathan (JonathanRouse@outlook.com), and Chris (cewilliams1@hotmail.co.uk) with responses to the following questions before Friday 14th June. 

  1. Are you interested in completing the walk? …….Yes or No plus reasons.
  2. Would you like to do the last section on 7th/8th July as planned before going back to the Fordingbridge to Ringwood section? (or do the previous section first?)
  3. Any other comments

Based on responses the committee will then decide if it is worth while continuing with the Avon Valley Path.

Thank you.

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