Planning Application for Sainfoin Lane

Dear Members,
Proposed Planning Application to install a curb along the bridleway in Sainfoin Lane
I have received a phone call from a resident who lives in Sainfoin Lane asking for our support in objecting to a planning application by developers to build a curb along the bridleway in Sainfoin Lane.
Many of you may not be aware of this planning application but the consequences of it being accepted are likely to affect us all, in particular our many members who live in Pardown.
This is clearly an attempt by the developers to change the nature of the bridleway and is a precursor to turning the lane into a proper tarmacked road that will allow vehicular access to houses which they intend to build at the end of the lane.
Sainfoin Lane is often used by us on our walks around Oakley and links up with many of the other pathways in and around our village.  It is also frequently used by horse riders and cyclists and it is part of the quiet rural environment that we all appreciate so much.  I would not like to lose this bridleway which has been in use for much longer than  the 38 years I have lived in the village and I suspect many of you would also feel the same way.
You can find out more about this by visiting the planning website of Basingstoke and Deane council at
if you enter Sainfoin Lane in the search box the details will come up.  The ref no. for the application is 19/01516/LDPO
Please help to stop this planning application being accepted by registering your objection on the website.  You will see that 98 residents have already done so and you can read their comments.  The more of us that object to this the better, but it needs to be done very quickly as the deadline is fast approaching.
Thank you in advance for your support.
Best Wishes
Chris Williams
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