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At the AGM Chris Williams informed the members of an invitation from St Leonard’s Church to join them on a pilgrimage walk to Winchester Cathedral. It was decided that the Rambler’s would not “officially” take part but any if members are interested in participating they should contact St Leonard’s directly. The details are shown below:-

Email from Barbara Robson below:-

Following our phone chat when I introduced the Oakley to Winchester Pilgrimage, which takes place Friday 3rd April and Saturday 4th April. 
Attached is the recent presentation giving the key information at this time.
We would like to invite your Ramblers to take part in the Pilgrimage. In addition as this is the first time anything like this has been done, total walker numbers is as yet unknown.  However the current interest level indicates there could be between 10-20 maybe doing the full 2 days, plus up to  50+ walkers for the final stages and the Cathedral Blessing Service.
In addition there is an opportunity for any Oakley Rambler to take on the role of a ‘Walker Monitor’.  This role is well suited to those with group walking experience.  Note, it is not a group lead as such, as everyone will be walking along a marked route at their own pace and either within their own company or in mutually chosen / evolving  groups.  
The Walker Monitor is more about keeping a eye out for anyone who needs encouragement, simple advice or alerts back to the Pilgrimage support team  for any walker who might be struggling. It would not detract from the individual reason to be a Pilgrim. 
If you have any more questions or comments please contact Ken Robson direct
Best regards
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