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With low numbers signed up for Coniston 2023, it would be helpful to know how our members feel about group holidays, as there will be a wide variety of reasons that dictate who is able to sign up a year in advance.

For the last few years ORC has offered members the option to travel as a group with HF holidays. These breaks, of 10 or more, have a discounted price (£70 for 2023), compared with booking as individuals or smaller groups, and a reduced deposit, £75 as opposed to £150.

The uptake of our holiday for 2023 is lower than for the last few years. In order to plan for future holidays, we would like to understand what ORC members are looking for in a holiday option in the future and what needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a location.

For 2023, one of the big considerations was the number of single rooms that could be available to the group, as many of our members would be solo travellers. Each HF House offers a maximum of 70% of the single rooms to groups at any one time.

It would be very helpful if you are able to give your personal thoughts re the following points: –

They have been numbered for ease of response and for summarising the responses.

1. Are you interested in ORC group breaks?

2. If no, are there any specific reasons? eg. Personal fitness to participate / Cost / Distance of travel / Cost of travel / Time of year / Prefer not to plan over year ahead / Duration of holiday

3 . If yes, what are the key considerations that are important to you?

4. Would prefer to travel no more than 3 / 4 / 5 hours

5. Duration – traditionally holiday is for 3 nights over a weekend. Is this your preferred option, or would you prefer 4 nights over weekdays if that were possible?

6. Would prefer to go only places that can be accessed by public transport

7. Location is more important than distance. My preferred options for location would be – please list up to 5

8. I would be happy to revisit an area previously visited.

9. Level of difficulty of holiday. 3 walks are offered each day. Do you prefer the harder or the easier walks.

10. If harder, what sort of level of difficulty / distance of walk is your preference?

11. If easier, what sort of level of difficulty / distance of walk is your preference?

12. Time of year – we normally book for September

13. Cost – is there a maximum cost for 3 nights that you would prefer not to go above?

14. Any other point / comment you would like to add?

Please forward your comments to ORC Secretary, Pat Dominey, at pat.dominey152@icloud.com 

The responses will be summarised anonymously and discussed at our next committee meeting on 28 September.

Many thanks

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