Navigation / map reading training

Several ORC members have commented in last year or so that they would like to have more confidence with route planning.  Dave Thomas has offered to share his knowledge and provide basic level map reading / navigation training.  Aim would be to gain the confidence to look at a map and be able to identify your location / devise and follow a route. 

Training would be in three 2-3 hour sessions, mostly practical and outdoors. It would be aimed at bronze level national map reading awards.

Dave will be sharing more information re the training in due course, however it would be very useful to know the level of interest in advance. Dave has offered to set up a WhatsApp group to communicate with those interested and arrange convenient training dates. 

If you would like to be added to the WhatsApp group with the intention of participating, please contact Dave by email  and provide your mobile phone number.

Thank you.

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