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Our Freedom to Roam petition is now live. Will you take one minute today to add your name? Please share it with your club’s members so they can sign it too!

In 2000, after years of campaigning, we won the Freedom to Roam. The precious right to walk freely without having to stick to paths or fear of trespassing. 

But right now, it only covers 8% of England’s land

Now, we’re asking the government to expand it. Are you ready to make history?
Sign the Freedom to Roam petition
Together, we have a powerful voice that the government won’t be able to ignore. 

The Freedom to Roam is currently concentrated in areas such as the Lake District, Peak District and Yorkshire Dales. If it’s expanded, everyone will be able to enjoy the physical and wellbeing benefits of being able to wander freely, closer to where they live. 

This is one of the greatest things the government can do to improve access to the outdoors for all.

Let’s make this happen!

With best wishes, 

Olly Hicks-Pattison
Campaign Manager
The Ramblers

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