Welcome to Oakley Ramblers website.  We are a group of people, mainly from Oakley and the surrounding area who enjoy walking in the Hampshire countryside.  The club was begun in September 1976 and currently has about 40 members. So if you like walking and live in this area then why not come along and join us? We are always looking for new members and you will be made very welcome.

What do we do?

  • We meet about every 3 weeks on a Saturday or Sunday and our walks are usually between 5 and 7 miles
  • Once a month we also have a shorter mid-week walk  (approx 4 miles) on either a Wednesday or Friday morning/afternoon.
  • During the summer months we also organise weekday evening walks

Who is eligible to join?

  • Anyone from anywhere of any age!  So if you like walking then come and join us.
  • If you are young and like walking,
  • If you are working inside all week and want to get outdoors
  • If you have family you want to encourage to be more active
  • If you are retired and want some exercise, we welcome you all!

Where do we meet?

  • We meet in the lay-by near Oakley Junior School and usually share transport to the start of the walk
  • Coordinates are also provided beforehand for those that prefer to meet at the walk location

Where do we walk?

  • Generally we walk within a 30 minute drive from Oakley
  • There is an annual longer all-day walk further afield
  • We also walk longer trails in stages such as the Kennet and Avon Canal Towpath & Avon Valley Path
  • Once a year a walking weekend away is organised with 3 different walking levels

Who leads the walks and is there a schedule?

  • Club members volunteer to lead the walks. We have a number of experienced walk leaders that go out and research our walks to make sure they are interesting and varied.  So don’t worry if you are a new member, we will not be asking you to lead unless, of course, this is something you are interested in doing?
  • A schedule of walks and walk leaders can be found on our website under ‘Walks Diary’ and we plan 6 months ahead. Greater detail can also be found as the next walk approaches under the ‘Next walk’ tab on the website
  • Walks are also advertised on the notice board at the village pond and also in the Link village magazine

Social events?

  • We have a Christmas party and a couple of additional social events throughout the year
  • After each walk there is often the opportunity to socialise in the pub, for those that have the time. Some also stay for a meal but if time is pressing others head off home after the walk

How much does it cost?

  • There are no charges if you simply want to try us out on a walk or two
  • If you do decide to join, there is a modest fee of £5 per person per annum.

Clothing and footwear?

  • It really depends on the weather but, if you want to walk all year round, then you will need some walking shoes/boots and a waterproof jacket

So by now you should know who we are, where we walk and when we walk.  We are surrounded by beautiful countryside so why not come along with us and enjoy it?