AGM 2022 – New Committee Members Required

Dear Members,

As a prelude to the upcoming AGM in February 2022 we are required by the Club Constitution to give the Membership good notice of any current Officers of the Club who do not intend to stand for re- election.

I am notifying you the following people will not be seeking to continue in post:

Peter Shead – Chairman

Pauline Shead – website and communications

Sandy Steele – Secretary (I only took on the post for 1 year)

Two Members of the current Committee have both resigned for personal reasons :

Veronica Steele

Karen Mackrill.

This presents us with the opportunity to seek an infusion of new blood for next year’s Committee. Though it may appear as though we are having a night of the long knives within the Committee, this actually is purely circumstantial. We have had an influx of new members so perhaps some of you might consider taking up the torch?

Relevant papers and sponsorship forms for the upcoming AGM will be sent out in due course.

Best wishes

Sandy Steele

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