Walk Leaders’ Guide


Work out the route before the walk day using books and or maps and make sure that it is all on public Rights of Way or permitted paths.

Type of Walk

Meet up / Depart time

Approx. Driving Time (Mins)

Approx Walking Distance (Miles)

Saturday & Sunday Morning Meet at 9.50hrs / Depart at 10.00hrs


5 – 7

Evening Meet at 18.40hrs / Depart at 18.45hrs


4 – 5

Midweek Morning Walks Meet at 10.20hrs / Depart at 10.30hrs


3 – 4

Midweek Afternoon Walks Meet at 13.50hrs / Depart at 14.00hrs


3 – 4

All Day walk

At leaders discretion


8 – 12

Note: All walks depart from the school lay-by in Oakley Lane unless notified otherwise. 


1, Arrange a safe place to park and select a venue / pub for after walk refreshments / lunch. Contact the eating venue in advance to discuss food – it may be necessary to provisionally book a certain number of places for lunch and to circulate a copy of the menu with the walk details. Note: Organising a pub / refreshment stop is optional

2. Recce the walk close to the actual date, especially after bad weather to make sure it is still passable.

3. At least a week before the date of the walk send details of the walk to Pauline Shead (paulineshead@gmail.com) & Carolyn Currie (carolyn_currie2000@yahoo.co.uk) who will post onto the ORC website.

Link to Walk Detail Template Document –Ramblers-Walk-Template -Mar 2020

4. Make sure you have the First Aid Kit from the previous walk leader. (First Aid Kit contains usual first aid items, plus 2 High-Vis jackets for use on busy roads, and forms for visitors/potential new members to fill in their contact details-pass to Secretary).


1, Walks normally start from the School Lay-by in Oakley. However, some members may for convenience, go straight to the start point (they will normally advise you in advance).

2. Give a short briefing before the walk – length, stiles, difficulty etc.

3. Count the number in the party.

4. Appoint a back marker.

5. Periodically, stop to allow everybody to regroup, and have a refreshment stop if needed.

6. On roads walk on footpaths/pavements if available. If not then small groups walk on the right hand side of the road in single file (i.e. facing the oncoming traffic), and large groups should keep to the left with a look-out at the front and back of the group wearing high visibility tabards.  For more information see ORC Risk Assessment document.

7. Always cross roads as a group.



1, Write up a brief report on the walk( including numbers attending, with photo if possible) and send it to Roy Yeoman (mroyyeoman@gmail.com) for the Link magazine and to Pauline Shead (paulineshead@gmail.com) for the website.

2. Pass First Aid Kit to next walk Leader.

NB:-  For more guidance please refer to the Oakley Ramblers Club Risk Assessment Document

Link to Word Doc Version: Walk Leaders’ Guide

Updated March 2018

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